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Large Wholesale Lot Novelty Items 5600 Pieces

Jul 3, 2007

All of this merchandise is clean and ready to be priced.

Most items will have a factory retail pre price on them .
No store stickers , only the manufactureres suggested
retail price . You can sell these items much much lower
than that.

These items came to us boxed in lots of 400 pieces to a lot
and we have not sorted any of them. I have only taken items
out of the boxes to take pictures of.

I opened 2 boxes and this is what I found in them, it is
the same type of novelty items in all the boxes. Quite a
few Rock Group Dog tags, Rock Group patches, metal key
chain ashtrays, metal flask.

Fun Foam, ( retail tag ..$ 1.99 ), AC/DC Dog tag necklaces
, ( prepriced $ 9.99 ), Rolling Stones Guitar Pick
Necklaces, AC/ DC Teddy Bears, ( prepriced : $ 5.99 ),
hanging air freshners, Ron White, Glamour Girl, Strawberry
Shortcake mini memo boards, stickers, Wrist cuffs, Novelty
lip gloss, Sea Bead Choker Necklace, ( retails $ 4.99 ) Key
to My heart bracelets, Cell phone sock necklaces, # 1 Bling
Bling earrings, Superman light up yoyos, Growing dino eggs,
Scarface cigarette holders, Dodge Hemi pocket watches, X
Men key chains, refillable lighters , Fall out boy
keychains, and much much MUCH more.

You will get a very wide assortment of items, and all of it
is sellable merchandise . However , some of the boxes will
also contain some filler items such as anchor screws,
picture hanging wire, shelf supports, novelty ink pens.
This is the way I purchased them and this is the way I am
selling them. Not heavy on filler, but I felt it needed to
be mentioned. If you like novelty items, this is the lot
for you .

Each box is jam packed full of items !!

Very clean merchandise, not damaged, dirty or seconds !
These are first quality items !

Shipping on this lot is the actual shipping on about 300
pounds , there are about 28 boxes full of these items . We
will combine the boxes to save on shipping if you want ,
your choice of USPS or UPS . We will send these to anywhere
in the US.

Starting bid is only $1400 , this lot can be seen at :


We have this lot and one other available. If you wish to
purchase the lot not on eBay you can have it for $1330.00
plus actual shipping. We accept paypal or any major credit

Thank you. George