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Lower minimums for discounts + new pin prices

Dec 7, 2008

Pins Patches and More

Hello , we have lowered our minimum orders to receive discounts.

They are :

Purchase $ 75 receive a 10% discount (was $100)
Purchase $150 receive a 15% discount (was $300)
Purchase $300 receive a 20% discount (was $600)
Purchase $600 receive a 25% discount (was $1000)

Also take note that pin prices will have to increase in January. We hate to have to raise prices but haven`t in over 5 years . Due to increasing costs we will have to this coming year.

The new prices will be :

The $ 7 pins will be $ 7.75
The $ 8 pins will be $ 8.75
The $ 9.99 pins will be $ 11.75
The $ 18 pins will stay the same.

Patch prices will remain the same.

Take advantage and stock up on pins before the new prices go into affect in January.

Any questions you can email us at

Thank you for your business !

Pins Patches and More